Sore Throat, Flu, and Colds

I am currently sick.


I easily get airborne viruses, like cold, but what got me this time is drinking a little too much soda. Yes, you read that right. The Royal true orange soda from Coca-Cola.

Two of my friends visited me last Sunday for an AutoCAD installation with a brand new laptop, and trying to be a good host (really hard), I initially served a 1.5 L of Royal as our drinks.

I don’t usually drink sodas or other carbonated drinks, and very rarely cold drinks, because my family have a history with diabetes, but trying to be spontaneous sometimes, and to think this all happened a day after the dental check-up with my dentist last Saturday, I tried to treat myself with just 2 glasses of Royal, thinking everything is gonna be alright.

Right now, I proved myself oh-so-WRONG!

Here I am… with sore throat, slight coming and going fever (which is contained at the moment, thankfully), and runny nose (fluffy and red now) which makes it hard to fall asleep feeling all those gooey madness flowing from my nostrils to my lips, face, neck… Yuck!

Maybe if I only drank a glass I wouldn’t be suffering in this way here…

Oh, and supposedly, I should be taking a healthy bed rest. But I can’t. 😛



Here’s a list of my medicine, just in case I forgot again which brands usually works on me best:

glass of water

And lots and lots of water!



And the flicks I watched while feeling really, really down… Because I really hate being sick!


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