Sustainia Community Award

10 days left to vote for the best sustainable idea and organization around the globe!


Here is the list of the 10 finalists:

  1. Liter of Light – Bottling sunlight for off-grid housing
  2. Veolia, Dalkia & Borås – Renewable energy storage in hot water reservoirs
  3. Mazuma Mobile – cash-back for your mobile phone
  4. iFixit – Repair manuals give new life to broken devices
  5. TaKaDu – Big Data solution increasing water network efficiency and reducing water loss
  6. BYD – Electric city bus with 250 km. range
  7. – Sustainable fashion from top-certified production
  8. CIDRZ – Electronic Cervical Cancer Control
  9. Tvilight – Intelligent streetlights
  10. Fenugreen – Reducing food waste with a piece of paper

Vote Now!

Promotion Rules

This promotion runs from September 19th 12pm to October 31th 12pm 2013.

The winner of this promotional voting competition will be awarded the Sustainia Community Award. Winner will be announced at the Sustainia Awards Ceremony in Copenhagen 7th November, 2013 at 8pm.

The winner of this promotional voting competition is decided as the nominee with the most votes by FaceBook user.

Facebook users are only allowed to vote once and any suspicious voting patterns will not be tolerated, e.g. computer generated voting.

Sustainia reserves the right to revoke any result if there is suspected cheating involved in the voting process.



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