I hate the smell of smoke. I don’t know why how people could inhale such poisonous blend of gases available in that one stick of tobacco. Whenever I get the chance to smell it, my lungs instantly stops working until I could hold the breath longer no more and then I have to inhale long huge amount of air to replenish the one that I just exhaled. And yes, the smoke was there. But not strong anymore.

My family owns a small sari-sari store in our house. I was so happy when the Philippine government finally issued the additional “required” taxes for tobacco companies but I could not let the gladness I felt show because increase in tax means costlier product to buy and to sell.

So, the rise of cost for cigarettes caused a dramatic dropped of tobacco consumers. That’s a good thing right? But, there are still a few companies that sells or produces half the cost of what the big bad companies make. Thus, now, the cheap products are the “hottest” and “most bought” cigarettes in our store.

You might be thinking, “Why won’t I stop this if I don’t want to smell smoke within 100 feet of me?” Well, I have a say to such matter but the store is still my mom’s so she’s still the boss.

I hope these people will stop smoking for the sake of others. Many people, mostly innocent, get diseases just by being near them. And it is sad to know that those who are innocent gets worse illnesses than those who smoke tobaccos.


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