Let It Go (Tagalog Gay Version)

It has been a while but the Frozen soundtrack videos are still hitting the ceiling as though they were just aired yesterday and still keeping the media buzz all around. A lot of versions and covers has arise from different countries. There was even an international version of Let It Go which was sang using 25 different major languages around the world and sounded as though only one singer sang all the lines.

Of course, the Philippines has its own versions as well but what caught my attention is this parody/coming out of a boy version. The Tagalog versions are already amazing but hearing a well applied gay-lingo lyrics was much better than the others. When I first heard this track, I didn’t know that the story of the song was a coming out of a boy until I read the comments. I had to play the video for so many times because I could not understand the lyrics. I even showed it to my cousins and they explained to me what the “jargons” meant. I then showed it to a friend of mine then she told me that this video made her laugh. Yeah, this version is amazing.


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