Photoshop: Pen Tool

Hey, I’m back! It has been a while and I haven’t done much except work, work, and work. What else can you expect from a work-a-holic like me, eh? Besides, it is already ~ber month!

Anyway, I feel like I need to refresh my soul by learning something new (very unrelated to my job which is manipulating data in Excel) so I have signed up to this free course for Photoshop from Udemy.

I already had some background regarding the mechanics of this program but it was nice to know more details regarding one tool and the techniques that could be applied to make editing easier.

Currently, I’m at the Pen Tool tutorial and am having a blast using this function. I want to keep an entry of this session to keep the memory alive. 😀


Subject: Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time


In the process of removing the background with the use of Pen Tool

Hopefully I could learn more from the tutorial but knowing myself, I’m quite sure I won’t be able to finish it. Well, anyway, at least I get the chance to play with the Pen Tool.


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