Photoshop: Why am I trying to learn?

Colors are very special to me. They could make me feel alive, make me feel lonely, make me feel confused, make me feel bored… make me feel almost everything. That’s how, I believe, important color is to our lives.

Once too many times, I have battled within my inner self if I should get a new phone with better camera specs or invest in those tiny, costly cameras with super duper long-and-chubby sparkling lenses that cost almost as much as the camera itself but every time I did, I always failed. If I would visualize myself with this dilemma several years ago, I would definitely feel envy running through my bloodstream every time I would see the majestic selfies, groufies, and wallpapers of my friends and other individuals that are available in the internet.

How my phone’s camera sees the world or rather my backyard.

But now, everything seems just like a phase. Or, maybe that’s because I’m just too cheap. Cheap in a manner that I don’t want to spend money on “stuffs” that I won’t really need in the long run.

Phones are almost a necessity now more than ever, yes, but I don’t use it even an eight of how much I use the internet (definitely a necessity now) to interact with people I’m connected with. Sometimes, I even miss the days when telephones were the only way I can contact someone who is too far away from me.

Anyway, I’m getting out of the main story here, so I’ll just resume…

I simply know it within me that what I want and need are “stuffs” that can’t be directly bought by any currency. So, with this realization, which I very much long ago realized, I decided to put colors into my life by entertaining the idea of learning Photoshop because not only it would benefit my skills but it would also make my cheap shots a bit lively and expressive. I know that even professional photographers uses this program because, heck, it’s actually made for them!

How I see the world.


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