Fandoms – Could It Make Impossible to Possible?

After watching the first 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time, I ventured out and rekindled my friendship with tumblr.

I’ve recently been enjoying my dashboard because of the OUAT fandoms. I really like the SwanQueen memes and gifs a lot! Heck, I like a lot of memes there because they are so full of wit! There’s so many fandoms from this show alone, and I bet there are more if I just give other shows a chance to watch.

It was fun seeing a lot of people getting so hyped up because of the show. It was like they’re living within the stories or it was some kind of virtual place where the extension of the show/s are still ongoing. I mean, people like to hypothesize, criticize and create a new dimension for their set of characters. I can’t believe people will go beyond the norms, as I’d like to think of it, to speculate on what the next episodes will be like. Or maybe I’m just so new to these things because, from where I am at, we’d only be waiting for the next episode to know what is going to happen. I’m amazed to see so many bright people sharing their own ideas and opinions on what might come on the next installment of the OUAT. It is somehow invigorating, if I must say.

And I don’t want to sound bad but I had a blast when a time came like all the OUAT fandoms where going on a rampage, especially the SQ fans, because the main characters: Emma Swan and Regina Mills (aka The Evil Queen) are both getting so little exposure or even a hint of a promise that their relationship will be discussed in this season. Well, I kind of also felt bad a little during that time because I am a SQ fan but, I know, the way I see and understand things, SQ is not really going to happen in the show. It’s not even there in the first place! It was just that the chemistry between Emma and Regina added by the super-duper great physical attributes of Jen Morrison and Lana Parilla makes it so believable that there is SQ. Do you get me? No?

Here’s some images (which are credits to savioursquen of tumblr *if you can’t see the pictures, the author may have removed them which is a total bummer!*):

And here’s a SQ clip from UBAmandaFan2 on Youtube:

So, yeah, I really like OUAT and the SQ fandom and I even learned a few slangs like BroTP and OTP because of this!

But, as I’d mentioned earlier, I don’t think SQ will be in the show.


What’s the moral lesson here, you may ask.

Well, I think it’s okay to stick with what you believe in but don’t cross-out the other options that are available (referring about the ruckus in the OUAT fandom recently). Don’t stop being curious, venture out and see what the world has to offer. Don’t be afraid to speak up, your opinion also matters, if not to all, to some people who are going to understand you. And, it is always great to be creative — it makes your brain big. 🙂



– aLLy


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