A plan to have no plan (What do you mean you have NO plans?!)

This is very fun to read! And even though this post meant well, I slightly disagree on not actually making any plan with your life.

First and foremost, I like a well-thought plan but I also happen to be a spontaneous impulsive individual that whatever strikes me at the moment, I shall do it or I will be a bit depressed or disappointed if I didn’t do anything about it. So, I just want to warn you that I may be biased but this is really my opinion on the matter.

Plans are meant to guide you. You don’t make them because of work but to construct your life; your ideal life, with what you want to achieve and further do with your life.

I believe that planning is the process of paving a better road for your future.

Generally speaking, planning about our life’s course is subjective to many factors that we seldom notice that by making choices we are cementing one saving-point in the whole picture of our life’s plan.

I think planning is necessary, especially on the lives of people aged 30 and below. I think it is the phase where we try our hardest to have a fulfilling job, huge income, create more connections, forcefully try to enjoy life and start to visualize where we really want to be by the time we grow old.

This article comes to me that it is meant for people with a stable lifestyle, something all of us are aiming for.

What I really like about this, though, is that it points out that in our life, we will realize the need to be free to do the things we really, really enjoy because by then we feel the stability and security that whatever we will do is for our own self towards happiness.


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