Pondering: What should I risk today?

So, I’ve been thinking of doing something “risky”, like buying/paying something off the internet without expecting any in return (nothing for me to gain, that is), like those donation stuffs I haven’t done in a while. *face palm* I’ll return to that in a while because I’m receiving too much blessings in my work at the moment. *Yeah, you read that right! I’m not working too much just because it is a -ber month, but because I just really have too many things to do at work. And I love how things are moving on.*

Anyway, I’m still not sure as to what I am going to bet, my mere life is too essentially useless to “risk” over the stuffs on the internet. I do think it’s bothersome to even leave the house! So, I am really useless.

I’ll just update when I decided to do something because, as I have mentioned earlier, I haven’t really-really decided on which one to focus on. The things floating inside my mind are too much, and I think it would take me long enough to understand the whole process. Aw, I’m not even sure if I’m going to push through as most of the times I don’t finish anything. That’s just how things go with me. I don’t really understand it, as well, but everything would just stop and I won’t be excited anymore.

I over-exaggerate most of the times so don’t fret. Whatever this is, it is no big deal actually. I just want to try something new.


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