Junk: Succulent

So, I was trying to find hard-bound books in my shelf and my hand wandered on this one.

Succulent by Zane

Succulent by Zane

Whoa! You might be shocked to see something like this here as well. I mean, totally, a literary porn in my stash!? What the hell, right?

I remembered that a friend from college bought then left it here so I may read the book later.

Of course, I read it!

I’m not gonna lie, it is full of “things” and “stuffs” that career-wise people wouldn’t bother to read (or would prefer to!). I’m not repelled by it, I was just curious as well.

As it turned out, fanfictions are way more detailed and exhilarating compared with this one. I’m not saying that this book, this specific one, is not good and I’m also not saying that you should go ahead and read fanfictions over published ones, because, totally, the latter are better constructed than the prior, but I think it is very much enjoyable if you are reading a heated story about your two favorite fiction characters in the world compared on this collections. Well, the good thing about such collections is that it provides short stories on different subject, topics, and circumstances.


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