This is ME! Oh my..! Not an Otaku but an Anime-Lover!

Hi! My name is Alyssa. I am currently an oDesk freelancer as web researcher and data entry specialist.

After graduating last 2012, I have been trying to keep myself updated with all the fuss regarding technologies and software development. Secluded in an area where Pentium PCs are still running, I got off tracked with my desired path as my colleagues gets better and brighter at everything modern. So I am trying right now to try out new things. Start from scratch and see how things will work from this point onwards.

As of the moment, I am very involved with Google’s Boolean searching. But I would like to expand my field of interest to other horizons such as Volunteering, Charities & Donations, and actual work where I have to leave the house and meet my co-workers and boss.

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you about anything but my posts or updates will most likely contain anything of the mentioned sectors. And hopefully something that has to do with software development.

So, you have been warned!

Be prepared and face my stupid ramblings!

Thank you for visiting!


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