Act of Randomness

Last month, I finally had the courage to try something new (because I was bored)!

Guess what I did?!


Well, I tried signing up to an online dating website. lol~

At first, it was all just a random act of boring-ness so I thought “Why the hell not?”

I checked several profiles. Joined the other active members in the forum by posting random videos and gifs, and welcoming newbies like me. Sending out simple “Hi’s” and “Hello’s” to people who are only looking for friendships.

After a week of doing so, I finally MADE some friends online which is kind of revitalizing to me because I know I’ve been working too hard, “alone” in my own room and personal bubble.

It was so nice to hear stories from different people around the world. I got to know cultures, places, some plans, some types of people, perspectives, etc.

This made me realize that I am missing a lot of things in this life. And a little part of me still can’t believe that something so random will turn into something wonderful and englightening.

If you asked me several months to join an online dating website, I would surely be offended and give you a big “NO!” But if you will ask me now if I will recommend someone to try online [personal] forums, I will encourage them to give it a go.

You will never know why something exists until you try it for yourself.

I’m glad I did this.


Photoshop: Why am I trying to learn?

Colors are very special to me. They could make me feel alive, make me feel lonely, make me feel confused, make me feel bored… make me feel almost everything. That’s how, I believe, important color is to our lives.

Once too many times, I have battled within my inner self if I should get a new phone with better camera specs or invest in those tiny, costly cameras with super duper long-and-chubby sparkling lenses that cost almost as much as the camera itself but every time I did, I always failed. If I would visualize myself with this dilemma several years ago, I would definitely feel envy running through my bloodstream every time I would see the majestic selfies, groufies, and wallpapers of my friends and other individuals that are available in the internet.

How my phone’s camera sees the world or rather my backyard.

But now, everything seems just like a phase. Or, maybe that’s because I’m just too cheap. Cheap in a manner that I don’t want to spend money on “stuffs” that I won’t really need in the long run.

Phones are almost a necessity now more than ever, yes, but I don’t use it even an eight of how much I use the internet (definitely a necessity now) to interact with people I’m connected with. Sometimes, I even miss the days when telephones were the only way I can contact someone who is too far away from me.

Anyway, I’m getting out of the main story here, so I’ll just resume…

I simply know it within me that what I want and need are “stuffs” that can’t be directly bought by any currency. So, with this realization, which I very much long ago realized, I decided to put colors into my life by entertaining the idea of learning Photoshop because not only it would benefit my skills but it would also make my cheap shots a bit lively and expressive. I know that even professional photographers uses this program because, heck, it’s actually made for them!

How I see the world.

Busy day. Doing lots.

Oh my goodness! This day is full of fun activities I missed doing a lot.

One, I joined another fun run!

The main event was held by the St. Joseph’s Academy in a small ville in Sariaya. It was sponsored by several family businesses there so the meals after the run was great! There was even a raffle with great prizes like yema cake, a ticket for Enchanted Kingdom, prepaid cards, cellphones, t-shirts, and many other things that I could not remember. Dyanne, who recruited me for this event and who also happens to be a relative, fortunately got a shirt and a pen from that raffle. It was super fun not just because of the previous amazing prizes I’ve mentioned but because there were around 700 or 800 people there! Whoo! That’s quite a breakthrough from my last fun run activity which consisted only of around 350 people.

I didn’t make any new connection or friend, but it was still fun and invigorating to be around so much people who shares the same principle as me.

Two, I finally made some donations!

I know people don’t like these things, because it’s a waste of money or something, but for me, it is something fulfilling because helping is one of the traits I would like people, and even myself, to experience. It just shows that no matter how big you think your problem is, there are people willing to help you not be depressed and condemn the world for it. You just have to open your mind and yourself for the blessings to come.

And three, last but not the least, I was able to spend a good several hours with my family.

I’m starting to think that working too much is too much. And that, what I have to do is to keep socializing over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites at a minimum and spend a good time with the people I most care about.

Well, that’s the perks of being a late bloomer, I only understand the real stuffs at a later pace than anyone.


– aLLy

Photoshop: Selective Color

So, this week I had the chance to watch the short tutorial on how to change eye color from my Udemy classes. During the whole session, the author focuses on using Selective Color on how to select and manipulate colors on a photo section. As I am not good with explaining stuffs, especially the technical ones, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Selective color is a post-processing technique where most of a photo is converted to black and white, but some parts are left in color. This is usually achieved by using layers and masks in photo editing software (Photoshop, SilverFast, Adobe Fireworks or The GIMP for example).

You will also probably get better understanding on how to use this function with a photo editor by watching some tutorial videos from Youtube or other online sources.

Ok. So, I immediately applied my new learnings from a photo I got from Google. And here it is:

Original Image

Original Image – Dry Eye

Dry Eye Modified

Dry Eye Modified – Golden

Dry Eye Modified - Green

Dry Eye Modified – Green

I really like the last image. It’s like there’s a flower inside her eye and the field is so fresh and green. Or, too green? What do you think?

MS Excel Beginner : Accomplished!

Finally, after several months, I am done with the beginner Microsoft Excel tutorial from Udemy! *confetti all around* YEY! I can now move on to the next level. I am so happy right now!

And, I am so GIDDY that I want to move on to the next chapters but I won’t. I have to. I should learn to control my excitement. I have to be realistic and let my mind relax first before taking another commitment. It is hard to take lessons when you are working full-time, you know. And I bet you REALLY know that.

I will just savor my accomplishment today and take the next advances slowly so that I may fully enjoy what I am doing with my life. I love working fast and I am envious at people who has too much patience, so I will be trying my best to learn their way from now on and really appreciate what I can get from all that will happen.

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


Always do you best,