The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Rating: 5star

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

This series has been in my “Top Picks” for a while now on Netflix so I decided to watch it without even reading the “summary”.

By the way, I don’t like giving my own summary of the story, as Netflix only has the first season, because I am not good with re-telling. *cough* And I’m too lazy to do so… So here, a summary from Funimation itself!

Ryner is not your typical soldier. Cursed with a mysterious, deadly power—the Alpha Stigma—he has been called a monster his entire life. His beautiful partner, Ferris, is a lethal warrior with wits as sharp as her blade. Together they search for the Hero Relics—mystical artifacts that give their owners devastating supernatural abilities—to help their king give hope to a country plagued by political corruption. When they cross arms with a pair of dangerous hunters who wield several of the ancient armaments, Ferris faces Ryner in his most volatile state. As enemies wait in the shadows and blood is spilled amidst a constant threat of mutiny, for these heroes, one move could spark a war.

It’s a shame there will be no Season 2 but I hope they at least have some kind of OVA or a movie maybe (?) planned.

This anime reminds me a lot of Rune Soldier. It was featured in one of my old-time favorite anime magazine when I was in highschool. I didn’t get to finish watching it because ecchi was and still, a bit, banned in Philippines local TV stations. I remembered there were these blurry spots and I thought there were something wrong with our cathode ray tube!