Support City of Hope and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

It’s time for impulse-donation day!!!

SwanQueen Miracle Stars

Oh! I was torn when I found out that I could not afford a t-shirt from a SwanQueen donation because Booster, the campaign website that handles the printing, is not yet producing their goods outside of the United States. It’s really a bummer because I’m so, soooo hooked up now with Once Upon a Time and all the SwanQueen fandom and I really would like to help them reach their campaigns.

But, guess what?! I’m such in a good mood today that instead of donating to only one cause, I decided to make it two!

Yup! You read that right! I made 2 donations today.

(Don’t think I’m bragging about it, it’s just my way of repenting for neglecting to donate anything for the past several months since the last one.)

So, how did I get myself here, you might wonder. Well…

I asked myself, “Do you have to get a t-shirt for every donation you make?”

My mind replied in ashamed fashion, “Yes.”

And then, since I know I can’t lie to myself and I have to get something from these donations, I checked out Prizeo again for good causes and found 2 out of 4 offers a good freebie t-shirt with them. The first one is Enrique Iglesias’ SUPPORT ACTION AGAINST HUNGER and Christina Grimmie’s SUPPORT CITY OF HOPE. The former is about to close in a day and the latter is in 8 days, so if you’d also like to help in a way, please click the links provided below:

Remember, you don’t have to spend any dime to help these causes. Any clicks or shares will also benefit the community to be aware of these  problems we seem to neglect because we are living a good (and fancy, maybe) life.

I would also appreciate it if you could spread the word.



– aLLy


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